We are three currency analytic professionals who can deliver a much higher success rate every month. We mostly provide intraday signals after proper analysis through our valuable indicators and financial data. We follow the rules ethically and put serious efforts to deliver the highest return which is dreamed by our clients and provide the service as per our client’s expectations and risk appetite. We set our goals in advance for delivering the best return every week and our staff work hard to deliver the targeted results. Wave Revolution has a well-developed infrastructure with a good working atmosphere. We Provide the signals with Entry, Exit, SL, and from one to three take profit targets. We take care of proper risk-reward ratio.

Our trading signals are online alerts delivered via email push notifications and Telegram Messenger which provide the latest market information about trading opportunities on the major foreign currency pairs, indices and commodities. Our signals service easy allows you to follow and copy the trading actions taken by our team. We are using only pending orders. All trading alerts have been executed by us as well. We trade what we provide!

  • Daily 3 to 5 Intraday Signals. Minimum 10 pips and maximum 40 (up to 200) pips take profit points and maximum risk (Stop Loss Point) of 30 pips in one trade.
  • Signals will be provided through Telegram, Push Notifications, WhatsApp and Email.
  • We will send you Live market updates, news updates and follow up messages for managing a position.
  • Sample Order:  Forex Signal: Sell Stop GBPUSD Entry 1.2270 | Stop Loss 1.2290 | Take Profit 1.2240.

There are four options of trading with three targets (TP1 / TP2 / TP3)!

You just take only target 1, meaning the TP should be only TP1 (Take Profit 1) with the SL (Stop Loss) of our signal. In this way, it will be a small profit but no more tracking the charts. SL must not be more than 3% of your capital.
Open your trade. When your trade goes into profit and it is near TP1 move the SL to the entry point of your trade and your take profit (TP1) to target2 (TP2). When market keep going into your direction and it is near to target 2 (TP2) move your SL to TP1 and your TP (TP2) to target 3 (TP3). When the market is near target 3 (TP3) move only the SL to target 2 (TP2). SL must not be more than 3% of your capital.
Open three trades with the same SL. Your 1st trade must not have more risk than 1.5% of your capital moving your TP to target1 (TP1). Your 2nd trade must not have more risk than 1% of your capital moving your TP on target2 (TP2). Your 3rd trade must not have more risk than 0.5% of your capital moving your TP on target3 (TP3). 1.5 + 1.0 + 0.5 = 3% maximum risk of capital.
You can open one trade with one SL and one TP on target1 (TP1). Also, open a pending order at target1 (TP1) with a Stop Loss (SL) at the entry point of your first trade and with a TP on target2 (TP2) which you must set now. Now if you have entered the market with the second order, open a second pending order at target2 (TP2) and a Stop Loss (SL) on target1 (TP1) and your Take Profit (TP) on target3 (TP3). The SL of the first trade should not have more than 3% of your capital.


We believe that everyone can be a good Trader and we want to change the existing trader’s world by developing self-sufficient and consistent traders in the most efficient and quickest way as possible. We want you to help to reach your trading goals, understanding markets and develop trading strategies that cater to individual, unique personality and temperament.
Here you will learn how to trade, no matter if you’re a beginner or have traded in the past. You’ll be gaining the knowledge and skills from our highly experienced traders contained in our learning path. We’ll teach you all about the best forex strategies, send you free trading alerts and free forex signals. All that you need to do is join our website. Just by creating a profile you have access to all these trading strategies and you get the chance to learn from our experienced traders who have 20+ years in the field of trading. Having a profile immediately assures that you will receive free trading signals, trade alerts and free forex signals. We recognize that each client has unique requirements, and our product and service offerings have many options to choose from.
We provide custom-crafted courses to match each client’s needs. If you’re more interested in learning about the best forex strategies, trading or other then we will create the course most suited for your needs. Our trained specialists take the time to determine your needs and expectations, help you understand your options, and put together a package that’s optimized to minimize your costs while maximizing your returns.